A Cake for Wyatt

Hi all! This morning I woke up bright and early to make a cake for a very special (soon to be) addition to the family, baby Wyatt! This is a blue velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in the middle of the three layers. I got the cake recipe from one of my favorite dessert blogs, Sprinkle Bakes. Heather (blogger) offers some useful tips on getting the perfect blue. The cake is decorated with homemade marshmallow fondant-which is actually quite delicious!


Checkout the inside of this cake! I also made vanilla cupcakes (for those who didn’t want to have a blue mouth the remainder of the afternoon).

blue cakemonkey

After getting home from the baby shower, Matt and I decided to go over our NCAA basketball tournament brackets (a little friendly competition between us). Let me be very clear, I have no clue about college basketball. I don’t follow it and the only time I watch it is when Matt beats me to the the TV. When it comes to picking teams for brackets I have a very technical approach. Let me fill you in on my bracketology. It’s kind of complicated, so read closely…Choose teams based on names. If neither of the names are interesting, choose the winner based on the state where the school is located-southern schools win (mainly because it’s warm there), unless of course they are playing against Syracuse. Tricky, I know! Round one results: Lindsey’s Bracketology 1: Matt and his somewhat technical approach 0.

Today’s Workout:

Rolling/kneading fondant (this is seriously a great arm workout!) , carrying cake, lifting fork to mouth to eat cake.


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  1. Kate April 2, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    Thanks again for making the cake and it was very yummy in my tummy!! I do hope that you enjoyed your time at the baby shower with us all! I enjoy looking through your blog so keep blogging it up!! I’m always looking for new recipes and workouts. I have a slight addiction to pinterest… I am in love with making protein smoothies so help me out with expanding my morning and afternoon protein shakes!! I really, really like peanut butter banana!! But I think that I am going to try the Strawberry smoothie that you have posted!! Keep up the blogging, I look forward to reading them!! All the best!!


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