Do you post everything you eat?

No. That would be exhausting…I eat a lot!

Do you eat every dessert you make?

Yes…But I usually only allow myself one serving. The rest gets sent out of my house, otherwise I would eat it all!

Where do you get your recipes?

Lately I get a lot of my recipes from  pinterest, but also from magazines, my vast collection of cookbooks, and family recipes. I also get ideas when we go out to eat and recreate dishes at home.


Do you take all of your own food pictures?

Yes! All of the photographs on this site belong to me. I love taking pictures and I am trying to improve my photography skills, little by little, with the help of one of my favorite ladies-Christina. My husband got me a Canon T3i for Christmas, and I LOVE it!

How do you add text to your photos?

Pic Monkey is what I use to add text to my photos. You can do all sorts of things to your pictures and create endless projects. You have to pay for an account, but it is totally worth it (for me anyhow!).