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It is spring, right?

Yesterday morning when I turned on my car it was a whooping five degrees. Julianna is over the snow and brutal cold. She avoids putting on her coat, rips off her warm winter hat, and upon entering our house, immediately removes her socks and wanders around barefoot.
I hear ya sister…I am over it, too.  
When did she get so independent, anyhow? Her little protests are a true indicator that she is indeed growing into her own little being. Eleven months old. How did that year fly by in the blink of an eye?
Speaking of the little cupcake…
Eleven month of photo shootJewel adores her big brother…That would be her attempting to give him a smooch (insert one dramatic “muuu-wha!”).
Eleven month of photo shootAnd Tank…he’s been taking a liking to her a bit more-as she finds amusement in feeding him her scraps of food. In return for extra snacks, he has graciously taught her the joys of creating “nose art” on my front door. Such a good brother…
Between both of their artwork, my door will most likely look quite…disgusting for the next few years. Sorry neighbors.
Eleven month of photo shoot
Although Jewel is now eating nearly everything that we eat…I have realized that there are so many things I have not shared! I am not intentionally withholding secrets of successfully, delicious baby food meals. Time has just not been on my side.
This recipe is one that Jewel has adored time and time again. In fact-just last night we used up the last few cubes of this from my freezer. Even after a few months in the freezer (and probably slightly over pureed at this point), she still mmm’d it away.
Sweet apples, roasted rutabagas, and spinach. This is one of those recipes I saw packaged up in the baby aisle and decided it would be easy enough to make on my own. Challenge accepted and complete success! Early on Jewel preferred this straight up, but these days it gets served over couscous or quinoa for added appeal.
It’s vitamin packed. Extremely easy. And homemade! Oh yes…and rather delicious! I’ve been known to sneak a few bites. I simply adore roasted rutabagas. I’m glad the little munchkin does, too!
Spinach, Apple and Rutabaga Puree
Spinach, Apple and Rutabaga Puree
  1. 1 organic rutabaga
  2. 3 organic apples
  3. large handful of fresh, organic baby spinach
  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  2. Peel rutabagas and apples (core apples). Chop into small pieces and place into a baking dish. Fill with enough water to cover bottom of pan in order to create steam. Roast until rutabagas are fork tender; baking times vary depending upon the size of the pieces.Toss apples and rutabagas occasionally.
  3. While apples and rutabagas roast, steam spinach until just wilted. Set aside.
  4. Once apples and rutabagas are tender, spoon all ingredients into a food processor and pulse until desired consistency is reached.
  5. Keep in refrigerator up to three days or freeze.
  1. Recipe is for 6 months and up.
  2. Can be served alone or over couscous, quinoa, or rice.
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