Bucket List Check and a Vacation to Remember

Good morning ya’ll! It’s been forever. A good two weeks anyhow.

Two weeks ago, we left for sun-shiny Florida. A week set aside for warmth, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Ha-ha (sarcasm).

Unfortunately, our first family vacation was the complete opposite, with the exception of our first day. The days that followed were filled with cool weather and the stomach bug plaguing all three of us for days. We washed numerous sheets and outfits, lounged on the couch (that thank heavens overlooked the white sandy beach and blue water), and even spent time checking out the local hospital where we added an ear infection to our list of vacation fails. By the end of the week, we all eventually started feeling better. And by the end of the week, who would have suspected that the negative temperatures of home would sound ever so appealing!

It wasn’t all horrible, though-despite Matt vowing to never go on vacation again. We did see sunshine each day for the first time in months, Julianna got to wiggle her toes in the sand, and I decided that I could easily become a permanent island resident, as strolling along the beach each morning was a refreshing way to start the day-even when sick (there is an elementary school on the island, hmmmm). We also got to spend some time with my dad (who was quite brave for entering our germ-filled beach-side abode). 

I did manage to get a few snapshots before the plague set in…

Beach Baby

Beach Baby

Beach BabyThe reason for going, however-to check off an item on my bucket list: running the Disney Princess Half-Marathon.

The race was incredible. Over 18,000 women, a beautiful Florida morning, and an invigorating 13.1 mile journey through Disney. If you ever have the opportunity to run this race, I highly recommend it. Thousands of participants-young and old, runners and walkers, all with positive attitudes and smiles. This was the happiest race I have ever participated in. Perhaps that’s because we were running at the happiest place on Earth, ha!

It was quite the adventure and a great end to a most interesting week.

Disney Princess HalfOur first family vacation was memorable…to say the least!

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