Cardio and Core Workout

Here’s a HIIT workout that I’ve designed for myself that burns fat and tones your core. It’s my new go-to workout.

Reasons I love this workout:

~no equipment needed
~30 minutes from start to finish
~fast pace so I don’t get bored
~can be completed with or around a busy toddler (I get out a little mat for Julianna and she loves trying to copy exercises.)

Before you begin, I suggest getting an interval timer app on your phone or tablet. I’ve had success using the Seconds HIIT Interval Timer from Google Play. It has a FREE version and is easy to use. You can customize your workouts to include warm-up, intervals with rest times, and cool downs. A tone indicates when to switch. You can purchase the app for $4.99 and it will save your workout settings for future use.

Cardio and Core HIIT Interval Workout - 30 minutes, no equipment needed |sneaksandsweets|

How to…

Hip Twist Plank

Hip Twist Plank from Skinny MomReptile Plank with Push-up

reptile plank


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