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Julie’s Potica

Matt’s grandmother, Julie, was known for many things. And a beloved holiday favorite of the family is potica (po-tee-tsa). Potica is a traditional Slovenian nut roll that was often served at holiday or family gatherings.  I absolutely love when recipes have family ties. I am sure that most anyone can think of a certain dish that reminds them of a person or occasion in their family. For Matt, it’s potica. And potica is memories of grandma. Making Potica is most definitely an all day event. From making, and hand-kneading, and rising the dough; to rolling, and filling, and rising again; to finally baking. You will also use nearly every dish and pan in your house. I wish that I had […]

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Lemon Blueberry Muffins

Summer Lemon-Berry Muffins

Our new home has a row of blueberry and raspberry bushes. For the past few weeks, while Julianna is still snoozing, I look forward to grabbing my cup of coffee and heading out to the fruit bushes beside our house with the boys to see what’s ripened overnight. How did I ever live without this? It’s glorious. At one point, I was picking several quarts of fruit daily. And what I didn’t freeze made their way into a variety of baked goods. Mostly muffins. LOTS of muffins. These muffins to be exact… Lemon, Raspberry, Blueberry Muffins (aka Summer Lemon-Berry Muffins). The blueberry only version of these muffins have been a favorite of mine for a long, long time. Tossing in […]

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corn salad 3

Corn and Bean Salad

This post has been sitting on my computer for nearly two months–a whirlwind of a two months. 1 house sold, 1 house purchased. Moving out, moving in. Boxes, boxes….and a puppy. Another puppy. Meet Jack. The good news is that we are all settled in our new home, which is nestled on the hillside off of a country dirt road. The better news is we are finally settled in (I am never moving again, ever). And the best news yet…I am back! And now that I have some time to get to this post, summer is in full swing. Yippee! Beautiful days filled with sunshine, comfy clothes, and evening strolls. I love it. What else do I love? Summer salads. […]

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Eggs in a Basket

Mother’s Day Brunch

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mommies out there! This morning we hosted our annual mother’s day brunch. We couldn’t have asked for a more spectacular day. Blue skies, warm air, delicious food, and our mommies. Mother’s day favors for the mommies…beautiful Gerber daisies for beautiful ladies… Story time… This spring, despite my best efforts to encourage her otherwise, a mama birdie decided to build a nest on our front porch. She was quite persistent in her choice. And after a long battle, she won. We have endured several weeks of dodging the swooping mama bird every time we stepped out of our door. Tank has decided to start using an alternative exit for fear of being taken out […]

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Chocolate Zucchini Bread

Throw Back Thursday-Cherishing Family

The past few months have been a bit bittersweet. In December, we said goodbye to my great grandfather. And have since watched  my great grandmother struggle to live on without him for the first time in a long…long time. Yesterday, after weeks of awaiting the inevitable, my family and I said our final goodbyes to a legacy-The Lovells. My great grandparents. Julianna’s great-great grandparents. Incredible. And for once…I am at a loss of words. Because they are gone. But not their memory. That will forever live on. This memory (a five generation photograph that my great grandfather wanted ever so badly) is a favorite of mine. And that smile on my gram’s face, simply priceless. They so much cherished visits […]

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Grandma's Brownies

Grandma’s Brownies

Phil. You really should consider giving us a smidgen more of hope, at least once in a while. One thing is for sure. You do not lie (although I wouldn’t mind if you did). Winter is here to stay. Yesterday we had snow. Lots and lots of snow. Snow day kind of snow, yippee! Here is a little rundown of how my morning went… Snow days remind me of being a kid. Being a kid reminds me of going to grandma’s. Being at grandma’s reminds me of grandma’s desserts (brownies being one of my favorites). And thinking of grandma’s brownies reminds me of how awesome it is to bake on a snow day (adult snow days are equally as exciting…in […]

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Last Minute Game Day Snack

Happy Super Bowl Day! The one day a year I find it completely acceptable to eat whaaaaaateva I want. And that includes junk food…real junk food. I’m not talking bad food. I’m talking food that’s so incredibly delicious because it’s cheesy, and dip-able, and bacon-y. You know, all the stuff that’s good, buuuuut not really…but it doesn’t matter, because it’s Super Bowl day!  That gives you a free pass, at least in my mind. I put serious thought into the perfect football-watching snack. My old go-to favorite is a big pan of chicken wing dip. I pretty much can clean up an entire pan of that on my own. For real. I dare say, however, this might just be the […]

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Ricotta Orange Bundt Cake

Ahhhh, January. Brutally cold days, whipping wind, flurries of snow, and oranges! That’s right, oranges. The one and only thing that ever so slightly reminds me that somewhere out there, there is a sun shining…and warmth. Yes, warmth. Mmmm. Here you can read about the box of Honeybell oranges that happens to show up on my porch each frigid January. I have quite a few savory orange recipes that I always want to write about, like homemade sesame orange chicken or orange zest glazed salmon (a serious fave), but what I always end up doing is baking something most fantabulous that I simply cannot resist sharing. And this cake I MUST share. This orange-a-lish-ous cake is basically out of this […]

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9 month old meal plan

Preparing a Week of Baby Food

First of all, humor me and smile at this most adorable cupcake. She’s nine months old. That sweater was my mom’s and those pearls…just too much to handle. Pearls mean you need act serious, and classy…clearly. Ok…I’m done with that. But I must warn you, this post is all baby. I have spent the last four months diligently pureeing fruits and veggies for Julianna. It is definitely a commitment. It most certainly takes time. Lots of time. But I am not entirely normal, and find it to be actually kinda fun. Well, that is until now…now she wants food. Real food. And more of it. For the past few weeks, I have been fancify-ing things up a bit. Making delicious […]

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Blueberry and Peach Bundt Cake

Blueberry and Peach Bundt Cake

Sundays are great because it’s the perfect day to spend time with family. Have you ever heard the song, That’s What I Love About Sundays (Craig Morgan)? It’s one of my all-time favorites, because that’s what Sunday is to me-family time and relaxation. One of my favorite memories is heading up to grandma’s after church for Sunday dinner. So last weekend-that’s what we did-sort of. Only this time, I made dinner. And when this girl is in charge of Sunday dinner, dessert is a must! When you are busy with the task of whipping up dinner and a dessert, I like to make sure the dessert is easy, yet special and obviously delicious. That’s why I love Bundt cakes-they are […]

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