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Avocado and Pear Smoothie

Power Up Breakfast

Hey ya’ll! Avocados have recently been ranking at the top of my favorite foods list. They can be savory, they can be sweet, and they are oh-so creamy. Heeeellloooo you beautiful, versatile, healthy green fruit you. I think this love will surely last-at least for a long while. Especially with a smoothie like this. This feel-super-good-power-start-to-your-morning smoothie is something that I am finding difficult to resist-probably a good thing, seeing how I have a pile of quickly ripening avocados chillin’ on my counter-why, why must they all ripen at once?! I am an old fan of the green smoothie. We drink them. Every. single. morning. OK-except on the weekends when we splurge on breakfast sandwiches and muffins. Regardless-that’s a lot […]

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Ginger Lime Chicken

Dreaming of Paradise

It’s snowy and cold here, again. Living in upstate NY, I should really expect this during the first week of January. Training for a half-marathon in the middle of winter makes me snarl at the wind as it whips snow by my window (totally self-inflicted torture, I know). Arggg. But run is what I must do…so yesterday I bundled up and headed out the door, my neighbor shoveling, surely questioning my sanity. The sidewalks were covered with snow and ice. Tears were freezing in my eyes. Toes numb. Sounds fun, eh! Thank you to all of my friends who post pictures of their vacation beach runs…that especially helps! Rather than focusing on my twenty-some layers of clothing, I switched my […]

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Cookie Cutter Eggs and Toast

Happy 2015

Day one of 2015. I sit here wondering…How will it ever be possible to top 2014? But bring it on! Because, other than the fact that I will be turning 30 in November, I know we have another exciting year ahead of us. And this year, rather than thinking up a resolution that I will more than likely abandon within a week, I want to make the most of spending quality time with my family-because that’s what matters most. I wanted to kick off the new year with a special little breakfast. But let’s face it. I’ve grown tired of eating massive amounts of holiday foods. Gasp. I know. So here is a recipe that is simple, yet festive and […]

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Christmas Italian Layer Cookies

My Favorite Christmas Cookie

These cookies take two days to make. They require a good amount of ingredients (seriously-six sticks of butter). And they will, this is a promise, leave several dirty dishes piled up in your sink. They are also, without a single doubt, my FAVORITE holiday cookie, ever-making all of the above perfectly acceptable and highly worth the time, and dish soap. I only make them once a year-every Christmas. But fortunately, for all of the work and dirty dishes involved, this recipe makes enough cookies to get us well into February (they freeze perfectly). That is…if we can avoid overeating them in massive amounts. This usually does not happen. Errr. I have zero willpower when it comes to ignoring these delightful […]

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Homemade Coffee Creamers

Homemade Coffee Creamer

Have you ever found yourself standing in front of row upon row of the gazillion coffee creamer flavors offered up at the grocery store? It’s ridiculous. There are so many glorious flavor combinations that you can add to your coffee. The thought of indulging in a double-chocolate, salted caramel coffee instantly makes my mouth water and me longing to fill up my favorite mug. Yet-I never leave with one (OK, rarely). If you flip over to the ingredients label-you might be surprised to find that your flavored coffee creamer is filled with all sorts of artificial ingredients and things that I struggle to pronounce (or know what they are). Yuck. That doesn’t sound delicious at all. What if I were […]

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first foods

Baby’s First Foods-a round up of Jewel’s first recipes

Doesn’t that just make you smile? I know I am a little biased…but she is entirely too sweet. Jewel is seven months old. I have no idea where the past few months have gone. None. But with all of this passing time, some new adventures have taken place in our household. Jewel is eating food. Real food! Naturally I am entirely too excited about this and I have made a commitment to myself to make all of Jewel’s food. It is surprisingly easy. Your little one will enjoy each and every bite. And you get to feel like super-mom knowing that your babe’s food was made entirely by you, from fresh and organic ingredients. PS-it’s also way cheaper! I started […]

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Pumpkin Creme Brulee-a  creamy, sweet alternative to pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving

Instead of Pie…

A few weeks ago we went out to dinner with two of our friends, for the first time in foooorever, to celebrate Matt’s birthday. Once upon a time we regularly went out with them to eat at swanky restaurants around our area. But our swanky dining experience has transformed into pizza that Matt picks up on his way home from work. It’s all good-because I don’t mind our new dinnermate, who only cares if her food is pureed. One thing that I sure do miss from our evenings out is ordering up a nice big dish of creme brulee. And one of my favorite places serves it with a whopping, king-sized ginger snap cookie. Let me tell you, that cookie […]

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Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Ahhh, Thanksgiving week has arrived. Each year I try to determine my top three favorite sides to focus on. You know, the sides that get plate space ahead of the others…alright and also the sides you want to get your hands on before anybody else-in order to get a hefty amount. I tend to strategically place myself near my faves, ha! This year my top three Thanksgiving favorites are as follows: 1. homemade cranberry sauce 2. sweet potato casserole 3. stuffing And this year…let me tell you. I am filling up. Yes indeed. It is necessary you see, in order to make up for last Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving I was at the tail end of a four month morning (yea […]

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Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Creme

Let me start by saying, I have baked this cake twice in two weeks. Twice. Last Saturday I baked this cake to celebrate Matt’s birthday. It was topped with the most fabulous homemade peanut brittle and an abundance of tall white candles. And although the cake was a thing of beauty (seriously-it was pretty sweet), my pictures turned out…horribly. Bah. So this week…I baked the cake again. Yes…just for photos. But this time I accidently burned the peanut brittle (because I was getting too many laughs for dancing to a tune on Jewel’s toy-thing-a-ma-jig), so it is what it is. A (still) mighty fine and absolutely tasty cake. Peanut butter and chocolate is a pretty serious staple in our lives. […]

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Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats-who say's you can't have pie for breakfast? Pumpkin pie flavored oatmeal is a perfect way to start a busy fall day|sneaksandsweets|

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats

Once upon a time, I actually had time. Spare time. Weird. A lot has changed since the days of spare time. But that’s OK. Because seriously… How could it not be? Although, I’d have to say…judging by the look on her face, it is clearly not… This caption might read: Do my parents like me? My answer: Yes…yes we do. And this picture will be in your yearbook one day. With the hustle and bustle of every day life. One thing I can always count on is that overnight oats will be ready to go and keep me fueled for a whirlwind day. Prepare at night. Devour in the morning. Quick and simple and tasty. Hallelujah. These are delish. And aside […]

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