Craving Sunshine

It’s about that time of year. Ba-humbug to being cold.

The winter weather can seriously take a hike. Amidst the planning of our new garden and ordering of fruit trees, I am seriously longing for some sunshine.

February, upstate NY, not likely. We really haven’t had a real winter. I think that it maybe snowed once. In fact, we haven’t had a snow day at all this year. I don’t know if that has ever happened in the history of NY winters. After a statement like that, I have surely jinxed us with a March full of snow. (I apologize in advance to those who live here.)

So what’s a girl who is craving sunshine do?

Bake a cake. Psssh!

Vanilla Lemon Cream Cake-tart lemon curd and mascarpone cheese filling and a fluffy vanilla marshmallow frosting, yes please! |sneaksandsweets|

It is the most obvious thing to do, I think. It makes sense in my head.

Not only does this cake look like a most beauteous burst of sunshine, it’s full of lemony, summertime goodness.

Between layers of velvety white cake: a layer of zesty lemon curd and a fluffy mascarpone/lemon mousse. It is then topped off with my absolutely-most-favorite-fluffy marshmallow frosting. And there you have it. One of the most delicious cakes ever. And I mean EVER.

Lemon Cake

This little lemony pick me up is exactly what I needed to make me smile.

(Well and her, too…cake thief.)
Vanilla Lemon Cream Cake-tart lemon curd and mascarpone cheese filling and a fluffy vanilla marshmallow frosting, yes please! |sneaksandsweets|

As I’m writing this the sun is beginning to peek through the grey sky, go figure! Maybe this can bring some sunshine your way, too!

Lemon Mascarpone Cake
  1. 1 package white cake mix
  2. 1 cup sugar
  3. 1 cup, plus 2 TBS cake flour
  4. 1/8 teaspoon salt
  5. 1 1/3 cup water
  6. 3 eggs
  7. ½ cup butter, melted
  8. 1 cup sour cream
  9. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  10. Splash of almond extract (optional)
  1. 1 cup lemon curd
  2. 1 (8 ounce) container mascarpone
  3. 1 cup heavy cream
  4. 1 cup confectionery sugar
  5. Zest and juice of half a lemon
Marshmallow Fluff Frosting
  1. 6 egg whites
  2. 1 ½ cups sugar
  3. Pinch of salt
  4. 1 teaspoon vanilla
  1. Prepare 3-8 inch round cake pans: grease/dust with flour/line bottoms with parchment paper
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine cake mix, sugar, cake flour, and salt.
  3. Add the rest of the ingredients until batter just comes together.
  4. Evenly divide up cake batter; about 2 ½ cups batter per pan.
  5. Bake at 325 degrees for 40-50 minutes.
  1. Reserve lemon curd for assembly.
  2. Using a hand mixer, combine mascarpone, sugar, and lemon zest/juice.
  3. Add in heavy cream. Slowly increase mixer speed and whip until a fluffy filling is formed.
Marshmallow Fluff
  1. Make a double boiler using a pot and glass dish. Bring water to simmering boil.
  2. In the glass dish, add egg whites, sugar, and salt. Using a whisk, occasionally stirring.
  3. Continue heating mixture until it becomes heated through. This takes about 10 minutes. It should be too hot to leave your finger in for a few seconds. (I usually sacrifice my pinky finger to test).
  4. Transfer mixture to a mixing bowl and add vanilla. Using the whisk attachment, whisk frosting on high until medium-stiff peaks form. if you make the marshmallow too stiff it will be difficult to spread.
  1. Place one layer of cake on cake dish. Spread a light layer of lemon curd (around 1/2 cup). Spread about ½ of the mascarpone mousse over lemon curd.
  2. Add another cake layer and repeat.
  3. Frost cake generously with fluff.
  4. *You may have some mascarpone filling left over, depending on how much filling you want. I always have left over frosting, I just would hate to run out. Leftover fluff never lasts long here coupled with peanut butter…but if you don’t have a desire to eat it immediately-it can be covered and stored in the fridge for about a week.
Sneaks & Sweets
 She’s for real when the beaters come out…
Vanilla Lemon Cream Cake-tart lemon curd and mascarpone cheese filling and a fluffy vanilla marshmallow frosting, yes please! |sneaksandsweets|

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