Our Growing Edge: A Recipe Roundup

PicMonkey CollageHey everybody! This month I am hosting the August 2014 edition of Our Growing Edge-a monthly blogging event that shares recipes. Yippee! This past month there definitely were some must try recipes that I am super excited to share with you! Thanks to everybody for sharing great recipes and tips.

It’s totally only natural for me to start with some sweets…

I love angel food cake. I love banana bread. So I am sure I would love this light and fluffy Banana chiffon cake.

IMG_6022Sugar Free Banana Muffins? Yes, please!

IMG_5958How about a delicious Earl Grey Crème Brulee. One of my personal favorites to order out-but have never attempted on my own. Doesn’t look too tricky!

IMG_6053Daisy, author of Coolcook-Style has won me over with her Mango-Lime-Tequila Sorbet with Mexican Chili Seasoning. Mango+tequila=Helloooo, delicious! Thanks for sharing, Daisy!

p1070739These traffic light brownies are a great treat for your child’s birthday party or school event. A chocolatey brownie and simple decoration that will be sure to please the baker and the kids!

IMG_6088Dinner, anyone?

Crumbled Lamb Brains-I’m not going to lie…this post definitely caught my eye! Eating brains?! According to Genie from Bunny Eats Design, it’s actually not that bad! In fact she’d eat it again. As for me? I’m not so sure I’m that adventurous quite yet, but see what you think!

cazador-02I loooooove avocados and Corina over at Searching for Spice is taking my love of avocado to a new level with her Crab Salad with Avocado Sorbet. Sounds like a perfect summer dish!

crab-and-avocado-sorbetThai food always intimidates me, but I have to hand it to Martin and Alice over at NomNomCat for making it all the more possible for me to create a Thai dish on my very own.

2014-08-17-18-42-40This one…this made my mouth water instantly. Homemade Oven-Smoked Pastrami? Good heavens. This will definitely be tested out in my kitchen thanks to Kati over at Breakfast in Bed(Stuy).

img_3230So simple. So healthy. Carissa’s Vegan Protein Pesto is right up my alley. And so is her blog! Check out her awesome recipes and ramblings at Pretty Hungry.

IMG_1979-719x1024This Farro Salad with Apples and Tomatoes from I’ve Got Cake looks like a great way to use in-season apples and the last bit of lingering tomatoes from my garden!

img_20140823_165917_1I’m always looking for new ways to cook up chicken. This roasted chicken with freekeh, preserved lemon, and chorizo stuffing from Rice and Kai looks like it could definitely spice up my sometimes boring chicken routine.

dsc_2695How about some kitchen adventure stories…

Chandler is the real deal. She runs a small cooking school, works as a personal chef, and teaches at a well-known cooking school. She offers great tips for all of us wannabe cooks! You can check out all of her work and recipes over at The International Poor Chef School Project!

mushroom13At The Common Cook you read about the no-so-scary adventures of baking cakes from scratch. You too can do it!


Thanks for checking out some of these great recipes! I am looking forward to seeing next month’s recipes over at Searching for Spice!

 Have a great Sunday everyone!

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  1. Genie September 8, 2014 at 5:04 pm #

    Great round up! I love the montage image at the top.

    The mango sorbet and the avocado sorbet are so different from each other but I bet equally delicious. Crab salad with avocado sorbet followed by the Mango-Lime-Tequila Sorbet with Mexican Chili Seasoning would be a wonderful light meal.

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