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Toddler Easter Books

I am a reading teacher, so our house is kinda obsessed with reading. OK, more like I am obsessed with reading…children’s books. Matt jokes that I haven’t read an adult book, like ever. True. My defending remarks are that I have to read children’s books, because it’s basically my job to talk about and recommend them…so, there.  BUT Julianna really does love books and being read to. We go through a little mini-battle each night that goes something like this: M: Alright Jewels, pick out your two books. J: I’ll pick one and you pick one. OK,  Mommy? (We read two books) J: Read this one, one more time. Please.  M: It’s time for bed.  J: Let’s read this one (hands me another […]

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SF Collage 1

Stitch Fix Experience

Hey there! This weekend I received my fourth fix from Stitch Fix. When I first discovered Stitch Fix, I was a little skeptical of somebody else picking out my clothing, because I think I am entirely too picky. Once upon a time I loved shopping. Today, it’s just not happening. My clothes shopping is currently limited to Carter’s. And my current shop time is, at maximum, fifteen minutes. So to have a box packed full of personalized clothing show up at my front door is spectacular. And a little like Christmas. Here’s how it works (in a nutshell): Sign up for an account here: Stitch Fix  Fill out your style profile (see tips below) and select a ship date. On or around […]

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Celebrating a Year

Our sweet Julianna is officially one!  We celebrated this past weekend with family.   Birthdays are kind of a big deal in our family. We celebrate everybody’s birthday and let me tell you, we sure know how to celebrate! Lots of delicious food, an always homemade cake, and family.   Being one, however, is a milestone that deserves an extra pinch of fancified festivities, don’t cha think?-who am I kidding? Julianna is most likely going to have some pretty spectacular birthdays for many years to come.   This year we celebrated in style. Pink style.   Pink puffs…   Pink candies…   Pink straws… Pink flowers…   Pink everything. Including her cake. Yes-that is HER cake (the bigger one behind […]

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Apple, Rutabaga, and Spinach Puree

Baby Eats:Eleven Months

Spring. It is spring, right? Yesterday morning when I turned on my car it was a whooping five degrees. Julianna is over the snow and brutal cold. She avoids putting on her coat, rips off her warm winter hat, and upon entering our house, immediately removes her socks and wanders around barefoot.   I hear ya sister…I am over it, too.     When did she get so independent, anyhow? Her little protests are a true indicator that she is indeed growing into her own little being. Eleven months old. How did that year fly by in the blink of an eye?   Speaking of the little cupcake… Jewel adores her big brother…That would be her attempting to give him […]

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9 month old meal plan

Preparing a Week of Baby Food

First of all, humor me and smile at this most adorable cupcake. She’s nine months old. That sweater was my mom’s and those pearls…just too much to handle. Pearls mean you need act serious, and classy…clearly. Ok…I’m done with that. But I must warn you, this post is all baby. I have spent the last four months diligently pureeing fruits and veggies for Julianna. It is definitely a commitment. It most certainly takes time. Lots of time. But I am not entirely normal, and find it to be actually kinda fun. Well, that is until now…now she wants food. Real food. And more of it. For the past few weeks, I have been fancify-ing things up a bit. Making delicious […]

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first foods

Baby’s First Foods-a round up of Jewel’s first recipes

Doesn’t that just make you smile? I know I am a little biased…but she is entirely too sweet. Jewel is seven months old. I have no idea where the past few months have gone. None. But with all of this passing time, some new adventures have taken place in our household. Jewel is eating food. Real food! Naturally I am entirely too excited about this and I have made a commitment to myself to make all of Jewel’s food. It is surprisingly easy. Your little one will enjoy each and every bite. And you get to feel like super-mom knowing that your babe’s food was made entirely by you, from fresh and organic ingredients. PS-it’s also way cheaper! I started […]

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How can it be?

I admittedly am extremely saddened that in two short weeks I will be returning to my job (I never thought I’d say that by the way-too tough I was…not!-new me laughs at old me)…saddened because I have been fortunate enough to spend four spectacular months at home with my little cupcake and I can’t imagine what it will be like to not have her by my side all day. Wait a minute…four months?! Where has the time gone? It seems nearly impossible that 122 days has gone by in the blink of an eye…but it’s true. Today…Jewel is four months old! Unbelievable. I’m OK with her getting older, and bigger, and smilier, though. That’s what she’s supposed to do.  And […]

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