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Korean Beef

Hey, hey! I am pretty pumped to be sharing this recipe with you today. It’s one of those dishes that I make on a regular basis, yet for some reason I haven’t gotten around to posting it. So here it is: Korean Beef. What’s there to say, other than YUM?! Korean beef over rice is a go-to weeknight dish at our house for two reasons: It’s jam-packed with fresh, bold flavors and it comes together in the amount of time it takes to cook the rice. Dinner in 20 minutes? Yes, please! Well wait, I guess there are actually three reasons… Because even this little munchkin can’t get enough of the stuff. And that’s one big dinner win right there! […]

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A Year Later

It was about this time last year that I began nesting.   And when I say nesting…I don’t mean cleaning and organizing every corner of my home. Naturally, I was stocking my freezer and baking up a storm. Perhaps I was just worried that once the baby arrived I wouldn’t have time…but I am pretty sure this was just my unusual way of preparing for our new life.     A week before Julianna arrived I spent a glorious spring afternoon rolling, filling, and pressing over 80 pierogies. Matt couldn’t help but find it all a bit entertaining. But let me tell you-this pierogi stockpile was one of the smartest things I ended up doing! With my freezer filled with […]

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Ginger Lime Chicken

Dreaming of Paradise

It’s snowy and cold here, again. Living in upstate NY, I should really expect this during the first week of January. Training for a half-marathon in the middle of winter makes me snarl at the wind as it whips snow by my window (totally self-inflicted torture, I know). Arggg. But run is what I must do…so yesterday I bundled up and headed out the door, my neighbor shoveling, surely questioning my sanity. The sidewalks were covered with snow and ice. Tears were freezing in my eyes. Toes numb. Sounds fun, eh! Thank you to all of my friends who post pictures of their vacation beach runs…that especially helps! Rather than focusing on my twenty-some layers of clothing, I switched my […]

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Pulled Pork Nachos

Pulled Pork Nachos

Pulled Pork Nachos. AKA amazingness on a plate. Twice this summer, at festivals, I experienced this wonderful nachoy concoction. I don’t know who dreamed it up, but I am quite sure we would be the very best of friends. Pulled pork. BBQ sauce. Chips. Melted cheese. Whaaat?! I absolutely love, love, love BBQ (and a mighty fine red BBQ sauce). I think that it should seriously be considered as a major food group. Enter cheesy nachos (which I also have a love for) and you’ve got a combination that is absolutely mouthwatering. Can we just zoom in on that pile of yum… A little more… If you want to just shove that delightful little chip into your mouth, I don’t […]

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Philly Cheesesteak Soup

Football Food

Another NFL football season is in full swing. Which I am pretty pumped about. Now…most people get geared up to cheer on their favorite teams or players, or maybe even spend countless hours attempting to prefect their fantasy football league. But me…I am quite different from all of the football junkies out there…my thrill really has nothing to do with the teams, or players, or pools. To me, football season means countless weeks of lazy Sunday afternoons with family and friends, gorging on football junk food that I dreamed about devouring about all week. And I really couldn’t be more ecstatic to kickoff a new season.  You had to know that was coming…it’s only natural for me to base my […]

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Sausage Stuffed Tomatoes

Sausage Stuffed Garden Tomatoes

  Do you ever have nights where you feel like you really outdid yourself with dinner? A pat yourself on the back, plate-clearing kind of meal? Thanks to the beau-ta-ful tomatoes growing in my garden, I had one of those nights. Woot-woot! Maybe the oh-so-mouthwatering exaggeration is partially due to the fact that I am stoked to have a rockin’ tomato garden, but I am quite positive that it was really just a great meal (regardless if I was ridiculously pumped to cook with my own grown tomatoes). Matt really has no interest in our garden, other than to notice how many weeds are growing in it-ha! And he thought this was one of my best meals yet-so see…these are […]

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BBQ Brisket Burger

Summer Grilling

  I must say…one of my favorite foodie things about summer is grilling. Mainly because it keeps my kitchen clean and cool, but I also happen to LOVE grilled food. And at the top of that grilled-goodness list is a monster cheeseburger. Confession: I am a bit of a burger snob. I want a big burger (half pounders hit our grill). Quality meat. Delicious deli cheese. And a fresh, toasted bakery bun. Is that so much to ask? Another confession-Veggies are a no-no. I don’t want lettuce, tomatoes, or pickles. I want meat…cheese…and meat. And the occasional fried onion. Does that count as a veggie? I’d like to think so. I really try not to be so carnivorous. I really […]

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Cherry Tomato and Sausage Pasta

  Alright, so my garden has been a little…weedy. And although it’s slightly atrocious looking…this year, I am totally OK with it. It’s hidden behind our garage…I’d rather play with Jewel…and despite my lack of  TLC,  I continue to get an abundance of produce. And actually, because I have given up on weeding…I am growing tomato plants that I never even planted! So let the weeds grow, I say. I love cherry tomatoes because I can plant one plant and get enough tomatoes to last the entire summer. And I can pretty much ignore the thing, yet it continues to be entirely too generous. The result-a whole lotta tomatoes. No problem! I love cooking with them. One of our favorite […]

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Embracing the Cold

It’s been cold. Downright cold. So cold that we had a wind chill day and a snow day this week at school. I don’t mind occasionally be trapped inside. It makes for a fairly productive day around the house…alright, fairly productive day in the kitchen. I enjoy spending these kind of days testing out recipes and standing by the warmth of my oven. It’s quite relaxing (minus the whole dirty dishes situation that I create-I should take a picture of that disaster someday). Lately, this weather has me loving spicy soups and stews. Something that warms you from the inside out. When I came across this Winter Curry, I knew it would be the perfect meal for a chilly, snowy […]

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Tastes of Thanksgiving

Ahhh, Thanksgiving. A holiday where it is perfectly acceptable to gobble up unfathomable amounts of delicious food and spend some quality, relaxing time with your family. Here are a few things I am thankful for this Thanksgiving season: 1. Family and good health 2. The soon-to-be addition to our family (and the fact that I am one again able to successfully eat-most days!) 3. Stuffing That’s right…stuffing. I adore stuffing. All kinds of stuffing. If stuffing isn’t on the Thanksgiving table, you might as well count me out. Well not really, but I do love the stuff. This recipe is especially fantastic and most tasty (thanks mom!). It’s made with sweet apples and dried cranberries, savory sausage, and a unique […]

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