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Almond Poppy Seed Cake with Orange Glaze |sneaks and sweets|

Almond Poppy Seed Bread with Orange Glaze

I am definitely a brunch person.  There is just something about that sweet and savory meal combo that makes me feel happy. I think that’s why I love our family’s Easter meal so much. Ham, cheesy potato casserole, waffles, sweet bread. YUM. And today I have a most delightful and easy sweet bread for you to make and take to your brunch table this Easter.  A few weeks ago, our friends brought over an almond poppy seed bread and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. I tried a few versions…ate a lot of bread…and finally settled upon this. I dare say, this is now my favorite sweet bread. And that’s saying something…because I sure love sweet breads. Rather that […]

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St. Patrick’s Day Throwback

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, here is a throwback to my very first post! Happy St. Patrick’s Day everybody!  I take pride in being a smidge Irish, so I had to celebrate this week with a tasty treat. I also love cupcakes, so what a great way to kickoff my new site. Check out these cupcakes! Guinness beer chocolate cupcakes topped with…Bailey’s Butter Creme Frosting…AKA: Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes. They were so much fun to make and quite delicious. Matt and I also discovered how well the frosting pairs with Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies-I know…oink. Enjoy! Today’s Workout: Insanity Plyometric Cardio Circuit Question for the day: What is your favorite Irish food? 

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St. Patrick's Day Crunch

Magically Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Crunch

Before we begin, I must warn you (otherwise it’s just not fair). This snack is ever-so addicting. For Christmas, a co-worker of mine makes a version of this snack for everybody. She fills it with pretzels, and M&Ms, peanuts, and cereal, and places it in a generous-sized tin for us to (I am assuming) share. I generally don’t share. And I generally come quite close to polishing off the entire tin before actually arriving home from school. Eeek! So there you have it. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This time I decided to whip up this most spectacular treat with one of my childhood cereal faves-Lucky Charms. Sweet cereal, hidden charms of magical, marshmallow goodness. I could easily top […]

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Cranberry Sauce

Cranberry Sauce

Ahhh, Thanksgiving week has arrived. Each year I try to determine my top three favorite sides to focus on. You know, the sides that get plate space ahead of the others…alright and also the sides you want to get your hands on before anybody else-in order to get a hefty amount. I tend to strategically place myself near my faves, ha! This year my top three Thanksgiving favorites are as follows: 1. homemade cranberry sauce 2. sweet potato casserole 3. stuffing And this year…let me tell you. I am filling up. Yes indeed. It is necessary you see, in order to make up for last Thanksgiving. Last Thanksgiving I was at the tail end of a four month morning (yea […]

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Pumpkin Breakfast Bars

Fall. By far my favorite season. The hillsides transform into perfection, painted by all of the colorful changing leaves… Even autumn weeds turn to beauty as they line the rusted fence of a pasture… I could spend countless hours taking in all of the fall scenery. Complete dork. I know. And I am not ashamed! But my favorite thing about fall, pumpkins. Especially when sweetened, spiced, and baked (duh!). These breakfast bars remind me of all things fall.  And they are a healthy(ier) alternative to some of my favorite pumpkin indulgences. I found a version of this recipe over at  Sally’s Baking Addiction. But rather than going the dessert route. I decided to mix it up with some healthier alternatives […]

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Apple Cider Fritters

Good heavens. These. Are. Delicious. How could they not be? Apple Cider Fritters. They even sound delicious. In college I worked in the bakery at Wegmans. And aside from my grandma, working in that bakery turned me into a treat making monster. Wegmans is basically the best grocery store, ever. Do you have a store around you that you would find it nearly impossible to live without? This is mine. I am pretty confident that I wouldn’t be able to move to a new area unless they had one. It’s that good. And the best part is, no matter when I go, I always run into somebody from my family. I guess we all have a little love for Wegmans. […]

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German Chocolate Date Balls

German Chocolate Date Balls

Everybody has a bad habit, right? I have a serious bad habit. And as of this moment, the world will know my secret. I must have chocolate every day. It’s not just even once a day. I dare say, I crave (and eat) chocolate after lunch and dinner, daily. There you have it. It’s most definitely avoidable. I could probably (not) give it up tomorrow. But why? Chocolate is a beautiful thing. And with a creative little recipe like this one, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a horrible thing, either. German Chocolate Fudge Balls. Sounds indulgent and extremely unhealthy…and they probably could be, if it weren’t for this recipe! German chocolate (cake), three majorly delicious players: Chocolate, check. Coconut, […]

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Summer Squash Cake

I definitely have a knack for making healthy things…hmm, unhealthy. Evidence…let’s see what we have, Zucchini…chocolate zucchini bread Peaches…peach muffins Carrots…carrot cake Eggs…potato waffle egg sandwhiches I mean…I could go on forever here. Although I’d say I eat relatively healthy 95% of the time, this one….yeah it would probably fall in the other 5%. But seriously, there is just something fantastic about sneaking veggies into a cake…it kind of makes you feel better, no?! This cake was actually my great grandmother’s zucchini bread recipe (you can check out the awesome chocolatey version here), but as I have been having a new summer squash appear in my garden nearly every single morning, I decided to give this a try. And let’s […]

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Three Years

Yesterday Matt and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary. Cheers! We had a very diy wedding, and among all of the handmade items was my wedding cake! That’s right…this crazy bride made her own cake, with the help of her sisters that is. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I knew what I wanted! My aunt Suzie’s carrot cake. I suppose I could have had somebody else make it, but where is the fun in that?! So the day before our wedding, my sisters and I were cracking eggs, sifting flour, and frosting cakes. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Making your own cake does have it’s advantages you know! Like…you know it’s going to taste […]

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Banana Bread Granola

Before we get started, you must  check out this sweetness… Our sweet, little Jewel turned three months old the other day. What in the world? Impossible. As she continues to grow, she is becoming so alert and active! We spend a lot of waking time in the kitchen-whipping up some delicious treats for when Daddy gets home. I really wouldn’t be surprised if some of her first words were something along the lines of saut√©, puree, or chop. A lot of the time it sounds like an episode of Rachel Ray in my kitchen, as I talk Jewel through every step (I guess that’s slightly less strange than talking your dog through blanching his veggies, ha! ). Although she loves […]

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