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Toddler/Mom Win: Playdough

After spending a week home with a toddler, I learned very quickly that various forms of entertainment are a must. Most days by the wee hours of 10 a.m. we had rummaged through her entire toy bin, played in her kitchen, read books, colored, put stickers on things, and watched several episodes of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood (Thanks, Netflix!). And while I was ready for a nap by 10:30, Julianna waaaaas…not!  Julianna abosultely loved rolling out the dough that we used for our Easter potica, so I figured that playdough would be something fun. When I was little, my playdough was homemade, so it came to me! A genius idea: let’s make and play with playdough! Homemade playdough turned out to […]

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