Toddler Easter Books

I am a reading teacher, so our house is kinda obsessed with reading. OK, more like I am obsessed with reading…children’s books. Matt jokes that I haven’t read an adult book, like ever. True. My defending remarks are that I have to read children’s books, because it’s basically my job to talk about and recommend them…so, there. 

BUT Julianna really does love books and being read to. We go through a little mini-battle each night that goes something like this:

M: Alright Jewels, pick out your two books.
J: I’ll pick one and you pick one. OK,  Mommy?
(We read two books)
J: Read this one, one more time. Please. 
M: It’s time for bed. 
J: Let’s read this one (hands me another book).
M: It’s time for bed.
J: OK, I’ll just put these in my bed.

Maybe she’s just stalling. But really, Julianna does love books (inner ELA teacher smiles). And I guess if we are going to battle over something, that something can be over wanting to read endless amounts of books. 

A parent of one of my students had the most fabulous idea of an Easter basket makeover. Rather than filling baskets with candy and toys, this mom was filling their Easter baskets with books. Naturally, I love this idea! How did I not think of this myself? Especially since I am someone who looks at the toy space in my living room (that keeps sneaking further, and further out of the corner) and cringes. 

With Easter coming up, here are some of our favorite Easter reads that we’ve collected over the years, and that we continue to read over and over.


Easter Egg

Spots First Easter


Duck and Goose

llama llama


Little Critter

What books would you fill your baskets with?

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