Wednesday Workout

This summer, take advantage of your local high school track! Nothing brings back memories of high school running better than training on the track. Against popular belief-it can be much more than just running in circles!

Here is one of my favorite interval workouts that I used when I coached track. It improves your speed and endurance all at the same time. The kids called it torture. I call it amazingly effective (with a hint of torture). Whichever you decide, one thing is for sure…it will help improve your race pace.

I am aiming to complete this workout once a week in order to train for my first post-baby 5k in August-wish me luck!

track interval training 1


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  1. sweetashoneynz July 22, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    That is an excellent idea! I will try this tomorrow .. if it is not raining 🙂

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