Why I Honestly Love Honest

In the past two years, the things that excite me has changed drastically.

Once upon a time I’d get excited about vacations or say a delicious dinner out.

Today, I’m fessing up that I totally get excited about diapers. Yeeeep, diapers. I still get excited about vacation and date nights, but diapers is something I didn’t really see on the list of things that would excite me, ever. Why do diapers excite me?
Easy-The Honest Company.

What brought me to the Honest Company?

An ad on the side of a blog. Honestly! I really had no idea what I was getting into when I ordered up my first bundle. I just had a little girl, the diapers were cute and they shipped to my house. It sounded like a win-win!

Honest Company Honest Review

More importantly: Why do I stay with the Honest Company?
Performance-These diapers hold up to some pretty unruly explosions with no problem-o.
Safety-They are not made with health compromising chemicals/compounds (I was totally clueless about this before).
No diaper rash. Well hardly ever.
No icky, powdery diaper smell…you know what I’m talking about.
They are ummm…wicked cute. I seriously look forward to checking out the latest patterns.
The wipes ROCK. They are durable and a pack lasts forever. I have a rather large stockpile in Julianna’s closet.
Diapers come to my house upon ordering. Sometimes within a day (I don’t know how they do that…).
I’ve been swapping out some packs of diapers for training pants (they also have swim diapers and over-nighters).
Oh! And sometimes they send you free stuff!

Honest ReviewWhat are you probably still wondering?

The cost.

In the most recent (size 5) diaper bundle, I received a total of 152 diapers/training pants and 4 packages of super durable wipes, AND some free lotion! The total cost of my bundle was $79.95-shipping was free.

According to Amazon, a one month supply (164 diapers) of Pampers Cruisers costs $40.78 + a four pack of wipes at $15.31, giving you a monthly total of $56.10.

Difference: $23.85.

Things to consider…

-I did not account for using coupons…I hate cutting coupons. I always lose or forget them.
-I did not account for using store brand named items. Undeniably much cheaper.

-I also did not leave my house.
-I did not forget to get them, requiring another trip out.
-I did not need a second cart to lug around the grocery store.
-See: Why do I stay with the Honest Company?
-Did I mention, I did not leave my house?!

Diapers at my doorstep. Amen to that.

Curious? Give them a try! Maybe you too will find yourself excited over diapers 🙂
(Link is specific to my account. Any purchases under this link with provide credit to my account.)

Honest Review

Honest Review

Honest ReviewHonest Review

Honest Review

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